Light is what we paint, don’t get LumiNiac confused with LED or glow-in-the-dark lighting, this is a whole new class of visual awesomeness. LumiNiac is amazingly bright, uses a discrete external power source, and can be painted on any surface in any shape you can imagine.

The coolest feature is that different colors of a particular design can be custom-animated to flash in sequenced, strobed, and sound activated modes.

Luminiac Custom Paint Services
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Light Emitting Coating Systems
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LumiSchool EL Traing Class
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Purchasing a Luminiac Starter Kit is the easiest and best way for you to become a Luminiac applicator.

A Luminiac Starter Kit includes all of the basics needed to get started:

  • A 250ml Luminiac Bundle which includes all four Luminiac components
  • Sample shapes for you to use in your first application
  • Electronics needed to light up your sample shapes
  • Step by step through the Luminiac application and light up process.

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Luminiac is an incredible opportunity for professional custom painters. It’s a way to grow your business by providing new and exciting designs for your clients and allows you to separate your paint shop from your competition.

With Luminiac you can –

  • Topcoat it with any translucent material – pearls, candies, air  brushing, even hydrodipping
  • Hide art that is only visible when illuminated
  • Control the light any way you want – on/off, strobe effect, sequencing,   motion activated, sound activated.

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