Our mission is to make electroluminescent paint and coatings as affordable, accessible, and widely available as possible.

Luminiac offers a variety of valuable and informative educational packages, as well as supplies and equipment used in the creation and application of electroluminescent paints.

We use the best raw materials and is spending time in researching the market constantly for new developments and better prices. Luminiac can offer High quality materials at the most reasonable prices to make it affordable for anyone who wants to apply Luminiac EL paint.

The cost price of electroluminescent paint has been significant reduced with our packages, as it simply can be mixed with your own paints/coatings or inks.


Technology Overview

This technology is a multi-layered coating, in connection with an inverter, has the ability to generate light. It offers improved lighting solutions as well as aesthetic enhancements, and can be applied onto, or behind, various surfaces, such as wood, stone, glass, metal, fabric, canvas, etc.
With its added advantages over conventional lighting systems, this technology offers the opportunity to create new markets, new products, and new solutions that were not considered or not possible before.



This technology has the following features:

  • Long life cycle of about 35,000 hours
  • Applicable on 2 or 3 dimensional surfaces coating thickness 45microns (approximate)
  • Operational between -60 – 80°C
  • Consumes 40% less energy than conventional lighting systems
  • Green lighting technology, with energy efficiency of up to 92%
  • No space required
  • No heat transmitted
  • Provides greater visibility in fog, thunderstorm, sandstorm, smoke, etc.
  • Vandalism proof



Industrial and public space lighting:

  • Signboards
  • Parks and communal areas
  • Locations with no air ventilation
  • Space constrained locations 
  • Health and safety applications
  • Hot and cold environments
  • Guiding systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Underwater
  • Steel or metal detailing features

Building and residential lighting:

  • Facades
  • Interior Design
  • Inside cabinets or drawers
  • Artwork to create uniqueness

Street and common space lighting:

  • Road markings and smart road solutions
  • Pedestrian crossing


  • Transport vehicle marketing (Move Media)
  • Helipads
  • Marine and port applications
  • Airport landing and emergency sections
  • Lighting of symbol and logos on ships
  • And many more…
EL Paint Wallpaper
Wall paper coated with EL Paint
EL on Fabric
Canvass Coated with EL Paint
Vehicle Wrap
Light up car wrap
EL Helmet
Motorcycle Helmet with light