Luminiac EL Paint is light emitting paint based on Nanotechnology and consist of spray paint layers working together:

  1. Backplane – Silver/Copper Electrode.
  2. Dielectric – A substance highly resistant to the flow of electric current.
  3. LitColor (Phosphor) – A substance that converts electric energy to light.
  4. Top Conductive Coat – Transparent conductive coating.
  5. Top layer. Encapsulate and seal the EL paint system with Automotive Clear Coat

Luminiac light emitting paint has a simple but unique formulation, Luminiac is compatible with both solvent-based and water-borne based automotive clear coats formulas.

The Luminiac 1 – 2 – 3 and 4 layers needs only to be applied very thin and 1 – 2 mils per layer is sufficient if applied conformal

Luminiac functional mechanism is interconnecting three-dimensional networks of particles to form a network of electronic conductors, the networks (power remittance layers) provide a pathway for the flow of electrons to engage the Electroluminescence within the coating.

Sounds technical right? Well, it is just a matter of spraying it correctly and we recommend using single action airbrush or HVLP equipment. It perfectly atomizes the Luminiac electroluminescent paint layers for Luminiac 1 – Luminiac 2 – Luminiac 3 and Luminiac 4 paint layers. On fabric you can screen print the EL paint layer system.

It is not complicated and the basics are just 3 paints (2 layer are conductive and one is transparent and conductive) as the Luminiac 1 paint and the Luminiac 4 paint is used to sandwich the Luminiac 2 and Luminiac 3 paint layer.


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Kit includes:​


  • 0.5m2 coverage
  • 100ml Backplane
  • 100ml Dielectric
  • 100ml LitColour
  • 100ml Top Conductive Coat
  • 100ml Automotive Clear Top Coat


  • Copper tape
  • Wire
  • Solder
  • 1 speed shape
  • 1 panel
  • 2 x inverters, 1 small 1 big
EL Construction
EL Construction